It is the season to fill Easter baskets again! If you want to make this year a no-candy affair, there are tons of ideas that you can work with to come up with treats that will be received as warmly. Start with these 10 tips!

1. Coloring books with markers and crayons. Easter is a colorful time and the kids can extend the season by creating their own rainbow within nice coloring books. Make sure to add the markers and crayons needed inside the basket, too!

2. DIY eggs that are filled with Cheerios. For the little ones that are addicted to Cheerios, there is nothing more precious than receiving eggs filled with the orange snack that they love.

3. Colorful character band aids. Band aids may mean there is a wound and this is not something you want to encourage. But in case of accidents, it helps lessen the pain when the children have colorful character band aids to use.

4. Puzzles, Barbies, and superhero toys. Keep the young ones occupied by getting them the toys that they like such as puzzles, Barbies, and superhero toys. Ask them what they prefer and maybe you can even shop together.


5. Sand toys and pool toys. What can be better than the beach? Beach toys, of course! Get some sand toys and pool toys like buckets, squirt guns, and googles that the kids will love.

6. Sidewalk chalk. Let the creativity of the children run wild with good old sidewalk chalk. It is a fun activity that they can share with friends or siblings.

7. Legos and blocks. Give your little builder a hand by providing the materials for the next big construction!

8. Money and gift cards. For the older kids, you can simply give them money to buy whatever stuff they need, or send some gift cards.

9. Hair accessories and nail polish. A girl needs her accessories so why not give them a hand and add new ones to their growing collection? While you are shopping for these, some nice nail polish will be very much appreciated, too!

10. Stuffed animals or new books. For children, stuffed animals are always welcome. Pick the little cute ones or larger cuddly ones for them to enjoy. If you can find some colorful books, these will be great gift ideas as well.