Those bills and expenses you incur every month can be overwhelming especially when you’re unprepared. Luckily, these money saving tips will help you lessen unwanted spending and get you on the path to financial freedom.

1. Ask your cool neighbors to share Wi-Fi and split the bill.
Check the Wi-Fi network in your neighborhood and you’ll see some funny IDs. Make this a conversation starter when asking people next door if they want to share access and split the cost instead of paying for services separately.

2. Stream workout videos.
Skip the trip to the gym and head straight home for your workout. There are tons of videos online that you can easily download. Some even have weekly schedule plans that can help track your progress.

3. Take advantage of free online calls.
Need to talk to your friends or colleagues often? Use free services like Google Voice or stay connected on your mobile phone with Viber or other similar apps. What’s more is you can also connect to friends in other countries.

4. Drink and smoke less.
Frequenting the bar across the street leaves a dent in your wallet and poses threat to your health. Better tell your friends your heading straight home or run the risk of not having enough cash for the month.


5. Join Facebook groups that list “On-Sale” items.
Nab freebies or get a good steals on stuff that you want through Facebook groups. Search for Facebook “garage sale” groups in your areas. It’s easier to avoid scams on Facebook than anywhere else since more information is readily available.


6. Pack lunch to work instead of eating out.
Put your leftovers in the fridge and bring them to work the next day. The lunch money you save up can be set as an emergency fund.


7. Buy items online if it costs less.
Check out good deals online during your leisure time instead of heading to the mall. This doesn’t only save a buck, but cuts the travel expense as well.pfc-new-coupons