Q: I want to receive coupons from my favorite brands. How do I do it?


A: Go to the website of your favorite brands, join their mailing list and start receiving coupons via your email or home mail box. Sometimes you can write them to directly ask for coupons and free samples. Not all companies respond to this request but some do.  You can also check out our ‘Print Coupons’ Section where you can print off usually 100’s of coupons for top brands.

We also post new coupons daily to our website and to our Facebook fan page – so become a fan now if you aren’t yet by clicking here.


Q: Can I receive coupons from my favorite restaurants?


A: Yes, like your favorite brands, simply visit the website of the restaurants you frequent and join their mailing list to start receiving free coupons and latest promos.  Also, watch our website as we will give you different coupons we find from restaurants as we find them.


Q: Where can I find coupons for shopping at my favorite retail stores?


A: Always look for printable online coupons before you shop. Just type in whatever it is you want to purchase and add the word coupon next to it on your browser.  For example, Bed Bath and Beyond often has a 15-25% off coupon (hobby lobby and others do as well)  – and most people don’t realize you can simply go to their website and find this or just go to and type in a search – for example ‘Bed Bath and Beyond Coupons’ and you may be able to find their coupons this way.

We do this for almost every purchase we do – sometimes it takes some time to find (that’s what we try to do for you on – but you can do on your own for some brands)


Q: I want to learn how to grow my own stockpile using coupons. What is the best way to do it?


A: Stockpiling is one of the best benefits of couponing but you have to be patient because it takes weeks and months of shopping before you create a substantial stockpile. The trick is to shop wisely: only buy what you need, what you frequently use, or what you can donate. Remember, the goal of couponing is to cut costs, not to acquire the most stuff.


Q: A great deal was up over the weekend but I missed it. Is there a way for me to get it?


A: The good thing about store deals and sales is they rotate. Even if you miss it this time around, just wait a few weeks or months and they will be back. Don’t worry too much about missing deals because most of these come around soon enough.


Q: Is there a rule in requesting free samples?


A: As long as you frequently and regularly use a product, you can request a free sample and that will be instant savings for you. High value coupons are available from various stores and manufacturers and it never hurts to request for free samples or coupons. In the case of products you don’t consistently use but you want to try them, asking for free samples is a great way to try them and who knows, you might like them and discover a new brand favorite.  We will post free samples we find from all around the internet – however, some of these are very limited on supplies and are gone before you can get them.

So pay close attention for email announcements and Facebook updates to get their first – while supplies last!