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Extreme Couponing


Check out how this mom, Kelly, used coupons to save big time on a single shopping trip. Kelly’s grocery total came to $1,300.03, but after the cashier swiped all the coupons the total made my jaw DROP! Check it out >> here.

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Best Way to Separate Egg Yolk and Egg White!

eggyolkhack let us in on a little secret…the best way to separate an egg yolk and egg white! I would have never guessed it was to use a water bottle! This life hack is pretty awesome! You can separate 5 egg yolks at one time! So cool. Definitely a must-try! Watch video >>> here.

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Say Goodbye To Ironing And Use THIS To Get Wrinkles Out!


I don’t know about you but I am NOT a fan of ironing. gives awesome life hacks and here’s one that will change your laundry routine forever! Watch the video >> here.

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10 Fun Non-Candy Easter Basket Treats


It is the season to fill Easter baskets again! If you want to make this year a no-candy affair, there are tons of ideas that you can work with to come up with treats that will be received as warmly. Start with these 10 tips! Read more >> here.

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7 Every Day Hacks That Save You Crazy Money!


Those bills and expenses you incur every month can be overwhelming especially when you’re unprepared. Luckily, these money saving tips will help you lessen unwanted spending and get you on the path to financial freedom. >> Read more here


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2 Products That Should NEVER Be Mixed


Two is better than one, the saying goes, but there are some things you just never mix. Before you open the items you bought from the grocery, consider what and what not to go with them because unawareness or carelessness can lead to serious danger. For instance, the following should stay separate or risk a lot of grief:
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1.Bleach and vinegar
Household owners know that vinegar is a very effective fabric softener. It can also preserve the colors of clothes and deter lint. But what’s more crucial to know is its dangerous reaction when mixed with bleach. The deadly combination can release toxic chlorine vapors. Not only will your skin suffer chemical burns, but it has direct effects on the eyes and lungs as well.

2. Medications and grapefruit juice
In spite of the Vitamin C goodness from grapefruit juice, you should never take prescription drugs with it. The intestinal enzymes that help in the absorption of medicines will be greatly hindered. Aside from that, grapefruit juice can also create side effects. If you still want your dose of Vitamin C while taking drugs, pick orange juice that has the same advantages as the grapefruit but minus the risk.





3. Batteries from different brands
It’s hard to tell the difference from their identical shapes and sizes, but batteries from different brands are more likely to contain varying levels of chemical compounds and voltages. When one dies, it tends to discharge electricity that can cause leakage and eventually damage electronic gadgets.

4. Energy drink and milk
This isn’t exactly what you can call a concoction, but more of a mad science experiment. Energy drinks contain acids that produce salt when combined with the protein found in milk. The salts then build up creating a lump, leaving your stomach upset and eruptive.

5. Ibuprofen and alcohol
As the old advice goes, never take ibuprofen on an empty stomach. It will only cause tears in your stomach lining. Add another caution to that, and this time mention alcohol. Never drink after taking the medicine because it will only make matters worse. Alcohol has the ability to increase the risk of stomach irritation that leads to bleeding.


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