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10 Signs You Are A Crazy Coffee Lover

True coffee lovers swear that life without coffee is the worst nightmare. Every soothing cup is an integral part of human existence, much like air and water. Are you a crazed coffee lover? Let’s find out.

  1. As soon as you wake up, you instantly think about it.
    One of the most difficult things in life is getting out of bed in the morning, but not when you’re going to make coffee. It’s what you prioritize more than choosing the clothes for the day.


  2. Only you create your own cup. No one else.
    Most people prefer someone else serve their coffee. This is never the case for you. What they fail to realize is the value of making the perfect blend that only you can tell.


  3. When a friend asks you to meet over coffee, it’s always a YES.
    The moment you hear coffee, you immediately say yes. It doesn’t matter how far the place is, the travel time is always worth it.




  4. Coffee supply in your house never runs out.
    It’s because the budget you have for coffee is greater than any other grocery item. The stock you have inside the cabinet is good for the next three months.


  5. Whenever you visit a new restaurant, you check the coffee first before the house specialty.
    Coffee typically comes out after all the food served, but you don’t care. That’s why you read the menu backwards and ask the server what coffee beans they use.


  6. There’s a sacred spot in your house for coffee drinking only.
    As soon as you have a cup in your hand, this is only place you’ll go. It takes you to a very special place where you feel the energy of the sunrise or the comfort of a sunset.


  7. Coffee has a lot of benefits, and all your friends are reminded about it.
    This is how you influence your friends to become a coffee lover like you. Whether it’s a small conversation or messages through email, you always bring up coffee’s health benefits.


  8. Three words: coffee over alcohol.
    Instead of grabbing a cold one, you get a cup of coffee. Some of your friends are annoyed of your choice, but that’s just how you roll.



  9. Different photos of coffee are posted on your Instagram daily.
    And to no surprise, they outnumber your personal photos.


  10. Coffee is the answer for everything.
    Whether you feel depressed, happy, inspired, or pissed off, the magic of coffee makes everything awesome.

    Can YOU Relate To Any Of These Examples??

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Cake Batter In Egg Shells Doesn’t Sound Appetizing, Until You See How She Does it!!

This cake better trick is pretty awesome! At first I wasn’t sure what she was trying to do, putting cake batter in an empty egg shell. When I saw the end result I knew I had to try it myself! SO cool! Prefect treat for Easter!

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5 Weird American Habits (That We Don’t Realize Are Weird)

Every culture has their “thing.” Here in America we tend to do some very interesting and sometimes weird rituals. See if you do anything from the list below that other cultures and countries would cringe over!

1. Food Journaling

As Americans as a whole, we are all obsessed with losing weight! We take on weird fad diets; we pay a whole lot of cash for gym memberships, workout equipment, and even for personal trainers. But, the strangest thing we probably do is keep a food journal. You record if you’ve eaten five M’N’M’s; a spoon full of peanut butter, even a few sips of soda. We just love recording and reflecting upon what we eat and how often. I can’t’ think of any other country that does this!

2. Red Solo Cups
Drinking out of red solo cups seems like a traditional American habit. While it may not be the classiest of actions; everyone at some point in their life who has lived in the country has definitely sipped an alcoholic beverage out of one of these bad boys! We even have a whole country song dedicated to it!


3. Newspaper Wrapping Paper
Again, maybe not the classiest of moves (and super popular in the 80’s and 90’s); wrapping gifts (mainly for kids) in newspaper is totally acceptable and one of our most weird habits. I mean, wrapping paper is found everywhere and is certainly not expensive. I think most of us can think of a time we gave or received a gift that was wrapped in the “Funnies” section!

4. We Glorify Relationship Milestones
Most cultures celebrate their wedding anniversaries and possibly the anniversary of their engagement. But here in America, women of all ages seem to want to celebrate every little relationship milestone. From the first kiss, to the first date, and even every month that the couple is together; American’s seem to glorify every little romantic, relationship milestone!

5. We Have a Toiletry Collection
Traveling to some place new? Most people get excited about the sights, sounds, and company in tow. But, one thing that makes Americans’ hearts flutter is all the freebies they score from the hotel stay! Americans stock up on shampoos, soaps, lotions, shower caps-you name it! In fact, we stuff the pint sized samples in our bags daily just so we can get more. And more. And more! I mean, does a bar of soap and a bottle of shampoo cost that much? As a culture, we are excellent at taking toiletries!

Are you guilty of any of these five weird American habits? If so, smile (but please stop it!).

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